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I'm locked out of my account. What do I do?

If you get locked out of your account for typing in your password wrong too many times, click "Forgot Password" and go through the few steps to change your password. Now you can use your new password to log in.

I cannot log in on my Android. What should I do?

It sounds like you just need to make a simple update! View a PDF with update instructions.

I am experiencing issues with my app. What do I do?

You should make sure your app is up to date. Here are a few simple steps to update your app:

If you have an Apple phone:

  1. Open the App Store on your phone.
  2. Search for "Tyndall Mobile" in the search bar.
  3. Click on "Tyndall Mobile" and tap "UPDATE".

If you have an Android phone:

  1. Open the Google Play App on your phone.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner, tap the menu bar (three horizontal lines).
  3. Select "My apps and games".
  4. Select "UPDATES" at the top of the screen.
  5. Find the "Tyndall Mobile" app, and tap "UPDATE".

App is updated and still can’t get in? Try clearing your cache and cookies. View a PDF with instructions on clearing cache and cookies.

Is the Tyndall Mobile App compatible with iPad devices?

No, you can download the app to an Apple iPad, but it is not compatible. However, you can use a web browser to access your Online Banking from your iPad. We recommend using a Google Chrome browserfor the best user experience.

To navigate Bill Pay on your iPad’s browser, there are additional settings that are necessary to check on your device.

  • Open the settings app Scroll down and find “Safari” and click on it. Once in your settings, check or change the following:
  • Under general: Block Pop-Ups needs to be OFF
  • Under Privacy and Security: Prevent Cross-Site tracking need to be OFF
  • Block All Cookies needs to be OFF
  • Under Settings for Websites: Click “request desktop website”
  • All Websites needs to be ON.
  • Click “advanced” at the very bottom- Javascript needs to be ON

What is Live Chat, and how do I use it?

With LiveChat, you can securely talk with a Tyndall representative immediately, during business hours. Simply select the icon that looks like comment bubbles at the top of your Online Banking screen and begin a conversation with a Tyndall representative.

How do I order checks in Online Banking?


  1. Log into Online Banking and click on your Checking account. Then on the left side of your screen you will see Account Details. Click "Order Checks".
  2. The information populated on the screen should be reflective of your previous check order. If you want to order a different style, start by clicking "Products" and make your choices. Otherwise, you should verify the information you want imprinted on your check and make sure to update the check number to start with. If you would like to order deposit tickets, you can select "Personal Products", then choose "Deposit Tickets". You can also order extra check registers, under Accessories.

Mobile App:

  1. Log into Online Banking and tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner.
  2. Select "Accounts", "Account Activity" and scroll past the Account History down to Account Details. Choose your Checking Account from the drop-down. Then tap "Order Checks".
  3. Verify the information you want imprinted on your check and make sure to update the check number to start with. If you would like to order deposit tickets, you can select "Personal Products", then choose "Deposit Tickets". You can also order extra check registers, under Accessories.

View a PDF of check ordering instructions.

I am not able to log in; what should I do?

  • If you were already enrolled in the old Online Banking, please be sure you are not choosing "Register", since the system already recognizes your User ID. All you need to do is type your old User ID and Password into the login box, and then you will be taken through the enrollment process.
  • Be sure that you have turned off any pop-up blockersin your web browser.
  • Be sure that you are not using an old web browser.
  • If you are still not able to log in, please give us a call at 850-769-9999.

How do I get to Online Banking?

The easiest way to access Online Banking is to download the app called "Tyndall Mobile" from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Online Banking | Tyndall Federal Credit Union (1)

Online Banking | Tyndall Federal Credit Union (2)

You can also access Online Banking from any web browser by visiting and clicking the orange button in the top right hand corner.

How do I enroll in Online Banking?

Please follow these simple steps to enroll in Online Banking.

  1. Log into Online Banking by downloading the app called "Tyndall Mobile" from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    Online Banking | Tyndall Federal Credit Union (3)

    Online Banking | Tyndall Federal Credit Union (4)

  2. Or, visit; the log-in box can be found in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Choose "Register".
  3. Next, you'll be taken to a screen where you'll enter information about yourself.
  4. Only fill in the boxes with the asterisk (*) symbol.
  5. You'll then be asked to choose a password.
  6. We may send you a text or call you with a verification code to make sure no one is trying to impersonate you. Simply enter the code on the screen to proceed.
  7. If you are enrolling from a web browser rather than the mobile app, we may ask you a few short security questions. We will use these occasionally when you're making transactions in Online Banking to ensure that no one is trying to use your account.
  8. Finally, you’ll be asked to agree to the Online Banking terms and conditions.

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a free service that Tyndall offers that allows you to make payments online, directly from your Tyndall checking account. Whether you need to pay your utility company, your mortgage company, or your dry cleaner, you can use Bill Pay to make your life easier!

Where do I find Bill Pay?

In Online Banking, select "Payments" and then choose "Pay a Bill". From here, you can sign up for Bill Pay and get started!

What is an External Transfer?

An External Transfer is a Tyndall online and mobile banking feature that allows you to transfer funds from your Tyndall accounts to an outside financial institution or from another financial institution into your Tyndall account quickly and easily.

How do you set up External Transfers?

  1. Log into Online Banking by mobile app or desktop.
  2. Once logged in, choose "Manage External Transfer" located in the drop-down menu under "Transfers."
  3. Under "Create Transfer," select "Add a New Account." Enter your external account information by following the instructions, then click "Next."
  4. You can choose to "Verify Instantly" or choose to "Verify with Bank Deposits." Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. If choosing "Verify Instantly," this process applies to many accounts and uses the highest encryption standards. Your information will never be read or saved
  6. If choosing "Verify with Bank Deposits," this process takes 1-2 business days, and you will have to finish the verification instructions in your email.
  7. Once your account is verified, your external account will be available in the "To" and "From" drop down of "Manage External Transfers."

Can I set up and use External Transfers from the Tyndall Mobile App?

Yes! The steps are relatively the same when using either option.

Is there a fee for using External Transfers?

For all standard transfers, there is no fee. For next day transfers, there will be a $10.00 fee.

What is the criteria to be able to use next day transfer?

In order to qualify for Next Day, member must meet all of these criteria:

  • Have transferred $100 in standard/3-Day transfers (must be one transfer of $100 or more; cannot be multiple smaller transfers)
  • Cannot have any returned/NSF External Transfers in the last 3 months
  • Must have $25 left in their account after transfer amount and fee

Are there any specific requirements for standard/3-day transfers?

There are no requirements for standard/3-day INBOUND transfers. However, there are requirements for standard/3-day OUTBOUND transfers; member must have $25 left in their account after transfer amount.

Do I have to reestablish all of my prior external transfer accounts?

Yes. Please view the FAQ "How do you set up External Transfers?"

Will I need to verify my external accounts? How do I do that?

"Verify instantly" – Provide credentials for your external financial institutions' Online Banking. This makes it available to you the same day. This may not be available for all financial institutions.

"Verify with Bank Deposits" – Enter your external financial institutions account information and within 1-2 days you will receive 2 small trial deposits in your account. You will then log in to verify the amounts.

How do I make a transfer to an un-linked account?

  1. Select "Transfers", "Pay a Person" and "Pay a Tyndall Member".
  2. Fill in the fields. Then, click "Continue".
  3. You will now see the account in your Unlinked Account List.
  4. Now when you want to make a transfer, choose "Transfers" and "Create/Edit a Transfer".

Choose the account to transfer from in the "From Account" drop-down. Then choose the unlinked account you just created from the "To Account" drop-down.

How do I schedule an internal transfer?

  • Select "Transfers", then "Create/Edit a Transfer."
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to "Select a Source" to choose the "From Account."
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to "Select a Source" to choose the "To Account."
  • You can choose to transfer the Payment Due or you can choose "Other Amount."
  • Next, choose your scheduling option. You have the option to make this transfer one time by choosing Immediate or Future or you can schedule it as a Recurring payment.
  • If you choose Recurring, choose the Transfer Date, Frequency and End Date or leave it with No End Date. You can enter a transaction description and also set up an alert when the transfer is executed. Click Submit and you’re all set!

How do I upload my account history to Quicken or QuickBooks?

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Choose "Accounts", then "Account Activity" and choose the account you want to download history from in the "Account Details" section from the drop down menu.
  3. Click "Download", then "Download Quicken".
  4. Select an account from the drop down menu, choose your date range and choose your download format. Click "Download", then "Ok".
  5. Name your file, then click "Save". Leave the format as a QFX file.
  6. When you are in Quicken, choose the File menu, then "File Import" and choose the Quicken Transfer Format (.QXF) file. Next, type the name of the QXF file you want to import, or click the “Browse” button to select it. Finally, click “Continue” to begin importing the file.

How do I set up Security Questions?

  1. Go to “My Profile”, then “Security Questions”. If Security Questions have been previously answered, you will not see the questions and answers here. You can provide new answers to questions for use, going forward. If the answer is too short, you will be prompted.
  2. What happens when I update my Security Questions? After answering, you should see a review screen of your answers.
  3. After you click “Submit”, you will be prompted to enter your password to verify identity.
  4. You will be taken back to "My Profile" and you will see a message to indicate that the security questions have been set up.

How do I enroll in Face or Touch ID?

  1. Go to “My Profile” at the bottom of your screen, then choose “Biometric Enrollment”.
  2. Enter your Device Name as well as your Online Banking User ID and Password.
  3. Go to your phone’s settings and choose “Tyndall” to ensure that you have your biometric options turned on.

How do I reset my password?

  1. Click "Forgot Password?" from the log-in screen.
  2. Fill in the fields that have an asterisk (*). Then click "Submit".
  3. Select the receive a verification code option.
  4. The verification code will be texted to you.
  5. Return to the screen to enter the code. You do not need to refill the info again. Just scroll down to the Confirmation Code box and enter the code. Click "Submit".
  6. Now, enter your new password and click "Set Password".

I forgot my User ID. What do I do?

  1. Click "Forgot User ID?" from the log-in screen.
  2. Enter your information as requested. Enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format. Then select "Submit".
  3. A message will appear informing you that the UserID has been emailed.
  4. Check your email for your UserID. It could take a few minutes for the email to arrive.
Online Banking | Tyndall Federal Credit Union (2024)


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